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What is Family Laundry?

Family Laundry is a full-service, all purpose fabric-cleaning business, dedicated to high quality service to all customers 24x7x365. We offer essential health and hygiene services. During our public business hours, We are a coin-operated, self-service laundromat which provides professional wash-dry-fold laundry services for both residential and commercial customers . At closing until opening the next morning, we transform into a full-fledged commercial laundry with a cleaning capacity of over 1,300 lbs per hour. We are a neighborhood partner and hotspot!

Do you have washers and dryers on-site?

We have a plenty of new, modern washers and dryers at the Laundry: full self-service Laundromat.

What are the best days for me to do my own laundry?

Any day is a good day; however, the Laundry's busiest days are Sundays and then Mondays and Saturdays. Customers experience little to no waiting for washers and dryers on any day. Customers may receive a price break on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, our Specials Days.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of services all designed to help make your life easier!  Our services include: walk-in, self-service coin laundry, Family and Individual Wash-Dry-Fold, discounted prices for College Student Wash-Dry-Fold , Commercial and Industrial Wash-Dry-Fold, expert washing and folding AND MUCH MORE!

For a complete explanation of our Services.

What is Wash-Dry-Fold Drop-off service?

Wash-Dry-Fold is a cleaning service where Attendants of Family Laundry wash, dry and fold your clothes for an agreed price.

  • We clean your clothes and other household "washable" items at our Laundry; we do NOT collect and ship them out to be washed at a cleaning factory.
  • We sort your clothes into whites and colors.
  • We provide and use premium detergents, all-fabric bleaches and softeners.
  • We wash and dry your clothes with only your clothes; we do NOT mix your clothes with those of any other customer.
  • And bring your hangers and we will hang your clothes (dresses, shirts, blouses, and dress pants/slacks) without additional charges.
  • And Check it out: the cost difference between self-service and drop-off service is very small.

    What are Drop-Off/Pick-Up hours?

    We offer our drop-off/pick-up services between the hours of 8AM - 9PM, every open day.

    Do you offer Commercial and Industrial Laundry Services?

    We work with businesses throughout the area, cleaning everything from employee uniforms and personal executive laundry to towels and tableclothes. We do it all!

    Do you reuse and recycle clothes hangers-hangars?

    Yes...Yes! Clean out your closets of all wire, plastic and wood hangers and drop them off at the laundromat. Reduce clutter at home and reduce landfill waste. We recycle hangers! Thanks

    Do you sell laundry care products at the Laundry?

    We sell name brand detergent, bleach and softener products on premises. Our Laundry Care products are sold at the prevailing retail prices. We take care of all your laundry needs!

    What is the normal turn-around on Wash-Dry-Fold drop off/pick up laundry?

    Depending on walk-in traffic and drop-off volume, the receiving Attendant will give you an accurate estimate as to when your laundry will be ready to wear! Our business turn-around goal is Same Day or Next Business Day.

    What if I forget to drop-off my laundry on my scheduled day?

    We understand the busy lives of our customers. So, as long as you bring in laundry during the scheduled week, we will work our hardest to turn-around your laundry within our Service Commitment Goal--2 days or less (normally within 6 hours of drop-off). Same day and next day laundry services are priced the same!

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    Owners of washers & dryers can benefit greatly by doing their laundry in a Modern Laundromat!

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