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Family Laundry is equipped with new modern washers and dryers...built for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Laundry.

You control the quality and somewhat the cost of your drying...overloading a dryer hampers and can prevent an equal flow and distribution of heated air throughout the dryer. If heated air cannot reach garments or center of large items, they cannot be evenly dried. Avoid overloading dryers: load should be slightly loose.

Rules of Thumb:
  • Clean the lint filter of each dryer (or ask the Attendant to clean); wash hands immediately afterwards.
  • Before placing garments into dryer, shake each one and then place garments into dryer one at a time.
  • You should be able to move your hand through center of load from front to back of dryer without any resistance. Once your hand is touching back of drum, Shake your arm; the garments should be loose. If not, you should consider spreading this load across more machines.
  • Midway through drying cycle, rotate your garments--pull garments from center of load and place them on outside of load (the outside now becomes the center of load). Also, turn inside-out or outside-in large items such as comforters, blankets, sleeping bags and rugs.

  • Underloading a Dryer can also increase your drying time and costs. For extremely small loads, add a couple of clean, dry towels to increase the mass of load to help retain and direct heated air flow.

    State-of-the-Art Dryers:

    Triple Load (30#) Front-Load Dryers: Built for small-to-medium household wash loads such as clothes, sheets, towels and the like. These Dryers should be your Choice for Routine household wash loads.

    Giant Load (50#) Front-Load Dryers: Built for Giant, about five wash loads of clothes, lots of blue jeans, comforters, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, rugs and more. These Dryers should be your Choice for Large wash loads and non-Routine items such as comforters, sleeping bags, pillows and rugs.

  • Have Extra-Large Door Openings for easy loading of clothes, bedding and rugs.
  • Have Thermoguard System to help prevent laundry Overheating.
  • Have Fast-Drying Axial Airflow System for quicker and even drying.
  • Have Improved Insulation (including double-insulated doors) for greater efficiency and more heat on clothes and less escaping into laundry.
  • Have Large-Capacity Lint Drawers to prevent airflow blockage.
  • Have Large 30-Pound and 50-Pound Drum Capacities, respectively, to hold more laundry at once.
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