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  • Walk-in, Wash-Dry-Fold Self-Services

    You do the Laundry! Family Laundry offers the most modern washers and dryers in town: Modern Laundromat! The Giant Washers and Giant Dryers will cut your laundry time by hours, especially for families. Furthermore, while you clean your laundry items, entertain yourself watching cable television, in the arcade, on our pool table, and in surfing the Internet (Free WiFi Internet). Top-load washers just cannot compete with front-load washers!

  • Family and Individual Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry Services:

    We do the Laundry! Bulk family laundry drop off/pick up services are offered daily! Contact Family Laundry for all of your families laundry needs: large clothing loads, comforters, blankets, pillows, rugs, sleeping bags and more. Hours of Doing Laundry will become another thing of the past!

  • College Student Laundry Services:

    We do the Laundry! Away from home! Tired of loading dirty clothes and taking them home to mom? Give yourself and more importantly mom a break--drop your clothes off at your new Family Laundry and pick-up your clothes--fresh and clean: Same Day or Next Day! Then you and mom can enjoy the weekend!

  • Commercial and Industrial Laundry Services:

    We do the Laundry! We offer laundry services for businesses as well! Take advantage of our services today!  We're a small business with lower overhead; therefore, we can deliver your business the quality at a price the big cleaning service companies will struggle to meet. Therefore give us a chance! We want to earn your business. If given an opportunity, we will deliver quality service!

  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Restoration Services for Household Cleanable Fabrics:

    We work directly with Fire-Smoke-Water Restoration Companies, Insurance Companies and Families. We commit to satisfying and making your customers happy with the end result. There is never a convenient time for disaster to strike, and when it does, you want someone who can provide fast, reassuring results that your customers and their families need. We offer laundry and dry cleaning services. Those services focus on basic Stain & Mildew & Soot Removal and Smoke & General Odor Removal.

  • Basic Copying and Faxing Services

    Why spend all day, all week or all weekend doing laundry? Let us Help!

  • Home / About / Prices / Location / Equipment / Services / Specials /
    Entertainment / Wash-Dry-Fold Analysis / Laundry Care Center / FAQ

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