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  • In Store Specials: On weekdays, the Laundry has unannounced specials such as 25 cent washes, free detergent and bleach, and free drying. On mid-week days, some dryers are posted for free drying for Customers who wash their clothes and other household items in our Laundry on that day. Since these days are normally slower than weekends, the Laundry offers these incentives plus a somewhat quieter time to do your laundry. We rotate these days and times to provide free drying opportunities for all of our Customers.

  • College Student Wash-Dry-Fold Plans: Reduced pricing for active college students. Show college identification..

  • Loads of Love: Church groups pay for the laundry of customers plus provide laundry supplies.

  • Coupons: Laundry frequently posts coupon pulls on community boards at local colleges and grocery stores. Coupons offer services and products such as free wash-dry-fold services, free detergent and bleach, and free drying. Please take one coupon and leave the others for other Customers. Thank You.

    Previous Specials - No Longer Offered, but May Reinstate in the future:

    Wild Washing Wednesdays: Reduced Price (20% Discount) for Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry Services ONLY for drop-offs on Wednesdays. Laundry Services for just 80 cents/pound, $15.00 minimum charge. Check Internet for coupons. Note all Services are paid in Advance.

    Friday's Free Drying (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM): July 1, 2012 thru August 19, 2012.

  • Your savings on drying will allow you to Wash all those household items that you do not wash that often: comforters, blankets, bedspreads, sleeping bags, pet beds, pillows and linen.

  • Free drying is available in our Modern, Super-Capacity 30# Dryers.

  • You must wash your clothes at our laundromat on day of receiving free drying.

  • Attendants insert the money in dryers.

  • Free Drying starts at 6:00 PM.

  • Garments must be in dryer by 9:00 PM for free drying. No exceptions-We close at 10:00 PM.

  • No coupon or promotion combining. No cash value. No free wash with free drying.

    Owners of washers & dryers can benefit greatly by doing their laundry in a Modern Laundromat!

    Family Laundry reserves the right to offer, suspense, or change any and all promotions. Prices, Prizes, and Dates may be changed at the company's discretion. However, we honor all existing agreements.
  • Home / About / Prices / Location / Equipment / Services / Specials /
    Entertainment / Wash-Dry-Fold Analysis / Laundry Care Center / FAQ

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