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How do Owners of Washers & Dryers Benefit from a Modern Laundromat?

Benefits of Using Family Laundry are similar regardless if You or We wash-dry your garments...

Top Eight Benefits of Using A Modern Laundromat:

Reduce Wash-n-Dry Time (Click Me)

Time-Saving: Get it all done at once! An average family, especially with children, can save 5 to 10 hours a week by doing its laundry in a modern Laundromat. Think back to your school days of two (2) competing theories of processing work: serial vs. parallel processing. Here\'s a real-life scenario that we have all experienced: It\'s lunch hour, and you are standing in line at a fast-food burger restaurant. One restaurant has five cashiers and five registers taking and delivering orders; whereas, the other has one cashier with one register taking and delivering orders. The restaurant with five cashiers and five registers can serve five times as many customers in the same time as the restaurant with one cashier. In which restaurant\'s line do you want to be standing, especially if you are hungry? Family Laundry offers owners of washers & dryers the same advantage of parallel processing with no waiting lines (24 Washers & 28 Dryers waiting for you!). Let Us Help!

(A) Coin-Operated, Self-Service Laundry: Proctor & Gamble says that the average American woman spends seven (7) to nine (9) hours a week on laundry. The Coin Laundry Association estimates the average coin laundry customer spends between one-and-a-half (1 1/2) to two (2) hours a week on laundry - an estimated time savings of seven (7) hours. Try our self-service (You Wash-n-Dry) and see what your savings will be.

(B) Drop-off Laundry Service: At one time or another, we have outsourced our meal preparation, car maintenance and lawn care, why not save time by outsourcing your laundry? Weekly laundry can take just 4 minutes - 2 minutes to drop-off and 2 minutes to pick up. We offer same day and next day service for the same price: 6-8 hours turnaround depending on time of drop-off, volume of self-service customers and volume of that day\'s drop-off laundry. We offer affordable, private and professional wash-dry-fold laundry services.

Use Large-Capacity-Machines (Click Me)

Clean Items Too Large for Top-Load Washers and Home-Sized Dryers. Don\'t force your bedding into a too-small washer and dryer. Most household equipment holds up to 12 pounds of laundry (about a basket of laundry), most home-sized machines cannot handle a queen or king comforter (not to mention pillows, blankets and rugs). Our Commercial washers and dryers can hold up to 50 pounds. Large-capacity washers & dryers can wash & dry multiple loads of laundry at one time. A 50lb. capacity washer (and dryer) enables customers to launder (and dry) four to five loads in a single machine.

Improve Health and Hygiene (Click Me)

Routinely Clean All Fabrics in Your Home. Otherwise, those fabrics become home to many irritants that cause us to sneeze, cough and wheeze! Temperatures of hot water and drying air in commercial laundromats are necessary to kill and remove many of those irritants from our comforters, blankets, mattress pads, pillows, linen and clothes. We are your one-stop shop for most of your laundry needs.

Reduce Stress at Home (Click Me)

Make Doing Laundry Fun. "Wash Day" or "Laundry Day" means work. Most families must do laundry daily or at least weekly. Most parents and definitely the children dread that day. By reducing the time spent doing laundry along with entertainment at Family Laundry, you can reduce (or avoid) the stress and turn "Wash Day" into a family outing!

Environmentally Conscious (Click Me)

Save Energy, Save Water and Reduce Dirty Water Discharge. Family Laundry offers energy-star and energy-advantage equipment manufactured by Maytag--all modern and all new. Home washing machines (top-loaders) typically consume 30 to 40 gallons of water per wash load, or 2.5 to 3.0 gallons per pound of clothes laundered. High-efficiency, commercial washers found in modern, self-service laundries typically use as little as 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of water per pound of clothes laundered. And where does all that dirty wash water go--into the sewer system. We minimize consumption of energy, water and discharge of dirty water. We are a Green Laundromat.

Enjoy Our Entertainment or Enjoy Your Free Time

Play Pool, Play in Arcade or Surf Internet. If You Wash-n-Dry, we offer a full-line of entertainment for your pleasure. If We Wash-n-Dry-n-Fold, you have much time to spend on your own agenda or with your family. Regardless, if you do or if we do your laundry, you have 5-to-10 hours to do as you wish.

Ask our On Staff Experts (Click Me)

Refer to Our On-line or On-Site Guides. Have a stubborn stain? Professional attendants have seen it all. Talk to us about preventing and removing stains. We also sell a variety of stain-removers, detergents, bleaches and softeners as an added convenience for our customers.

Renters and Homeowners reap Same Benefits as Other Family Laundry Customers

(A) Safety and Security: Place of Public Accommodation, Video & Audio Surveillance, and Attendant On-duty.

(B) Necessary Resources: Folding Tables, Carts, Bill-to-Coin Changers and Space to move around.

(C) Convenient Services: Availability of Stain Removers, Detergent, Bleaches and Fabric Softener, Newspaper, Drinks & Snacks.

Your Family Laundry is more than washers & dryers; it\'s a neighborhood partner!

Owners of washers & dryers can benefit greatly by doing their laundry in a Modern Laundromat!
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